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Wrapping up 2017 and planning for 2018 (C)

There you go, its December of 2017 and its that time of the year... Its been a great year, and its been great from both sides: personal and professional. A lot of milestones and achievements, a lot of learning and failures, new friends and new great connections, started this blog, attended Github Universe conference and a bunch of different local meetups, my cat Muffin got 23k followers on Instagram, I was sick with a cup of tea at home and traveled through 4 different states in USA by car, its really hard to imaging how many things happen to a person throughout the whole year.


In the beginning of this year I was working in a different company than I'm right now. I know, I know "He changed the job, whatever.", maybe it is not a big deal, but for me it is and I think that was a change for the better. I moved downtown Toronto and I love it, everything is so close, literally everything: my work is 7min walk, grocery is 2min walk, park - 2min walk, Ontario lake - 10min walk..its just so convenient to live in downtown. I know its maybe noisy and a lot of people on the streets, but all that keep you alive and keep you motivated to move forward to build things. I wouldn't probably move if I didn't change my job, cause the commute would have been even worse to my old workplace from downtown..but now its 7min walk, just amazing.


I love traveling by car (but only if my wife is around, she is awesome), you can stop wherever you like, there are no rules and no restrictions to your trip, you are free. That is my understanding of car travel :) We went to USA this fall and drove in total 4500km and visited 4 states: Nevada, Arizona, Utah, California. That was an awesome trip, we visited all the hot spots there like Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Antelope Canyons, Hoover Dam (+ some other smaller dams), Yosemite Park, San Francisco, Google Office, all kinds of bridges, Github Conference and more.. that was an amazing trip.

I got that nasty stomach flu (or 48h bed+tea) thing this fall as well, was pretty bad and unexpected. Stayed home for 48h literally and after that it was all good, magic! You just need to drink tea with ginger and eat fruits (only when you start become hungry). Just in general, being sick is a bad thing, even when you are a kid and you think its a good thing, because you can stay home and don't go to school - its still a bad thing.

My wife became a star on instagram and in Toronto in general being a blogger. Thats like the biggest thing for me this year, I'm so proud of her. Check out her insta profile -> @violettags, she is also doing vlogging on Youtube (video blogging). Violetta is such an inspiring person, who brings light to this world and shares it with others :)


Space... Space Exploration... Space Exploration in order to become multiplanetery species... Thats my hobby :) For the first time I saw Space Shuttle with my own eyes this year and that was impressive! Shuttle looks really awesome and it gives you hope, hope that we as species can become more than we are right now, we just need to work together and work hard. There is nothing easy, everything is difficult, and its ok, because when its difficult - it means its fun to solve it and the results will be outstanding.


For the first time in my life I celebrated Christmas and New Year (in 2 days) in a warm location - San Diego, CA. This is an awesome city! To live here its like to be on vacation all year long... its always 20C - 25C, palm trees, ocean, surfing, volleyball - insane life style. Right now its December and it was 23C today outside, just brilliant, haha. We're going back to Toronto in couple days and its freezing cold there right now, almost 20C below zero and a lot of snow (but I love snow tbh). That would be quite a change eh!?

2018. I'm very excited to start it and want to make it crazy productive! Lets get it started!

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