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Github Universe - Summary (L)

I'm proud to work at a company that gives you opportunity to go the conference you want to go to and helps you along the way to make it happen. This would be a short story of me attending GithubUniverse 2017 at San Francisco, CA.

Github is doing its Universe conference every year in October. Why October?! Because Github's very first commit by Chris Wanstrath was created on October 19th, 2007 and today is the 10th birthday of Github. Woohoo.

The venue. The place that was chosen for the conference was great, in my opinion. It was in old port warehouse, which is very spacious, authentic, stylish and minimal. It had all the Github attributes all over the place: octocats were almost running among the people. Github also invited some vendors ofc. I can't resist to tell that the coffee vendor was outstanding...ritual - I guess the best coffee I've ever tried. I drank like 15-20 cups for 2 conference days. The other vendor was Juice Shop with its digestive juices. Those juices are something!


The sponsors. Very well orchestrated. The whole venue was mapped and planned in an organized manner, so that it was easy to remember where is who and how to get out. Lets list them: CircleCI, CodeShip, TravisCI, Heroku, BlackDuck, Waffle, DigitalOcean, IBM, GitKraken, Rocro, AWS, Google, Facebook, UnrealEngine. All of them had stickers. Thats it. No one needs anything else. You come to them - grab a sticker and maybe a t-shirt (if they have it) and go to the next one :) I'm joking ofc, haha. Am I? All the time in the morning from 8:30am till 10am, between the talks, during the lunch, after the talks..I think up to 6:30pm you could spend talking to different companies, gathering information, connecting with other developers. A lot of time for all of that. Another cool thins was that there was a demo section organized for all the companies with the schedule, so that every company had 1h to do a demo and you can come there and see what they are doing and how, and ask questions. That was very helpful and entertaining.


The stage speakers. Number, numbers, big numbers - that was a conference start by Chris. All the huge achievements by Github. That was a good start of the day and of the conference itself. Everyday there were 3 keynotes by different people. Github were presenting their new features, plans for the future and cultural direction within the company. There is a pretty neat feature that Github delivered this year that I can't wait to try and test - Dependency Graph, which will show you all the dependencies you have in your repo based on the package.json, Gemfile and moreover will tell you if there are vulnerabilities within the libraries that you are using and warn you!! Isn't it cool?? They are still adding python support, so I haven't tried it yet, but I can't wait. Facebook did a great keynote as well regarding Machine Learning in video by Manohar Paluri. He described how they capture different human postures in videos and recognize the activities they are doing based on that. Pretty impressive.


The !stage speakers. There were 4 talks every hour and you have to decide where you wanna go base on what you wanna know, learn and who you wanna see, meet. I want to highlight 3 talks:

  • CTO of CircleCI Rob Zuber - Isolating Microservices without sacrificing velocity. Great talk!
  • Engineer from Github Brooks Swinnerton - Launching Github's public GraphQL API.
  • Engineer from Google Felipe Hoffa - Google's BigQuery
I couldn't go to all the !stage talks, because they were colliding, so I'll watch what I missed once they will be available online.

alt text CTO of CircleCI Rob Zuber talking about Microservices

The End. I would definitely go again to their conference, I'm pretty sure I will need more stickers next year. I liked the talks, I liked the environment, the opportunity, the knowledge, the people. I want to see the progress, the progress companies made and the progress the technologies made within the companies, what worked what didn't and maybe even share my own experiences as well. Report by Github -> here. There will be videos of all the talks available soon, see updates on my twitter.

The purpose of learning is growth, and our minds, unlike our bodies, can continue growing as long as we live. - Mortimer Adler

sunset San Francisco's sunset is awesome