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The complex world around us...

Have you ever thought how complex the things around you are, all the life organisms, the Universe structure, brain, ant nest...?! And all of it works perfectly, by itself, how all this is happening and why ?!

This is the question without answer, at least not yet... Any of you thought why the life actually exists and what is the purpose and is there is one or maybe we shouldn't even look for the purpose of life. Not our human life, but in general. It is so hard to imagine that all the world around us just exists and that happened that it was created. Lucky us :)

So what was my point. Oh yea, the complex stuff around us. We're taking it for granted, because its right here and we use it every day, or in case of our organism or our brain - we're that complex thing itself, thats kinda cool. Good thing is, that most of us do not waste that complex thing and create other complex things, so that everyone around can live more comfortably and be happier. This is amazing.

Recently we had a Sun Eclipse, which is very rare event and the next one in North America will happen on April 8, 2024, just in 7 years from now. Awesome event to see.


What can be more fascinating than the Universe...?! I think exploring the Universe :) yea, why not. That is why I'm a big fan of SpaceX and any other company that tries to make humanity a multi planetery civilization. That would be so cool, I hope I can be alive by that time, huh. Also, trying to contribute to that as much as I can.. will give you some spoilers soon.

One more thing I want to share with you that is a little bit related to the topic I'm talking about today is: "How you spend every second of your time efficiently?". That being said, I got this idea when I was running today. Told you before that running is a great way of getting new ideas, eh?! So I got an idea, watch/listen TEDx talks / podcasts instead of music while you are running, that way you learn, while excercising. So today I was running on a treadmill which has a youtube in it, and I watched 2 TEDx talks. One was regarding nano technology told by George Tulevski from IBM. A fascinating talk on how you combine chemistry and tech to make it work. The other one was about "how the brain works" told by Lara Boyd from University of British Columbia. This one is just a must watch. The slogan of this talk is: "After watching this, your brain will not be the same". And this is true, when you learn something new - your brain changes, like physically changes. That is pretty cool and it means you can controll and train your brain the way you like it, the way you behave, that be good or bad. The more you learn and train your brain - the better it will be, similar to the way you train your body. So the Mother Nature gave us all we need, we just need to work a little harder to make it happen.

Told you this is just really awesome how everything works around us...and this is just the beginning.

We are losing the ability to understand anything that's even vaguely complex. - Chuck Klosterman

Resources and good to read things:

  1. The Beginning of Uber - what was the original idea and the pitch.
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  3. Retirement Planning: How to Plan for a Successful Retirement - some tips regarding financial independence. If you are a Canadian - Wealthsimple is a great alternative to Betterment that is discussed in the article. Check it out.
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  5. Happy Birthday Linux :)