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How much power is too much... (Learn + Bonus)

When you start a tech company, then later on you get your first client..woohoo, you are so excited and feel awesome. Then you get more clients on board, super cool, you get more and more clients using your software. Later on you don't even notice new clients/users coming, because you have a lot of them already. You feel good and responsible. And then you wake up...

So what I'm talking about ?! I was inspired by this article about CloudFlare's CEO on terminating services, which could affect half of the Internet, because he has that kind of power. For sure, he wouldn't do it, but he can. That is a paradocs of being a CEO of a successful company that serves a lot of users. On the one hand you helping everyone with what your company is doing, on the other hand you have that kind of power that can shut down half of the Internet, if you woke up in a bad mood for example. That is scary, very scary. Can you imaging yourself having that kind of power and would you feel and how would you act.

There is a great commercial by apple on Appocalypse theme - *what if someone will turn off all the services that Apple provides?*. It is funny, but also disturbing of you think about it a little more. There were similar events earlier this year. One of them again from CloudFlare, which people called CloudBleed, where there was a vulnerability detected that affected a whole bunch of CloudFlare customers and their users...basically, everyone could catch all vulnerable data that were going through CloudFlare. Its good that they fixed it really quick.

Kinda similar event happend to Amazon also earlier this year, where their Cloud Storage Service (S3) went down in the Northern Virginia Region. All the customers in that region were affected. And some of the companies are using S3 as the source for their websites (like Quara for example), meaning that the whole Quara was down for like 3-4 hours because of S3 issue. Thats a lot of unexpected expanses if you think about it.


All those events happened due to some bugs or errors or something else unexpected. But what if some sort of a similar event could happened, but as a planned one (exclude hackers, you can protect your systems against them). What I'm talking about is that what if the company itself or a leader of that company one day will just shut down all the services and half of the Earth will go down.... That is why there is an against Monopoly Law that protects people and companies from being dependent on just one provider. That is smart eh ?!

So the question would be: Will you be nervous being responsible for a service availability for half of the planet? And will you think about interrupting that service on purpose?

How much power is too much ?

“The measure of a man is what he does with power.” - Plato


There is going to be a Sun Eclipse today, Aug 21, 2017, in North America. The map is here.

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