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Hi there, yea, talking to you on the other side of the Web. Its kinda cool how all this works and lets people connect to each other, get access to a lot of stuff, buying things, selling things... being at home or on the go. This is just amazing! But yea, what's up ?!

Let me introduce myself a little bit. My name is Alex, nothing special in it, however I like to think that it means "Defender", which is kinda cool. I'm a Software Engineer and I live in Toronto, Canada; not that I was born there, but I currently live here (as of a date of this post). I work fulltime as a Software Engineer and write blog on a side. I also have a lot of hobbies that I will be sharing with you later on. I'm married and my wife Violetta, she is an insanely cool person that I love and can't live without her. I also have a cat Muffin, he is my best friend, and he has his own instagram account, check him out @MuffinTheCat

I like what I'm doing and decided why not to share all this with the rest of you out there.


-> I read a lot, mostly articles and tech related books, sometimes biographies and Sci-Fi stuff...and also very rare some other books that catch my attention. When I was a little kido I didn't like reading, it was a nightmare for me to read a book, and at school you had to do that in order to get good marks. To get around that I was reading small reviews of those books or was looking for summaries online written by someone else, it helped me sometimes.
Will be sharing all cool stuff I find/read/use on a monthly basis and not only about tech or programming, but related to Financial Independence, Travel, Career Advice, Life Hacks - in 1 word: all about being a programmer and what is inside it's head. Something like: Best Tech related articles of August, I guess that will be very useful for a lot of you out there and if I'm doing this anyways, why not to share, right :) (just read an article by Time.com recently that using smileys is not good at work chats eh -> here)


-> I like running, I'm not into sports really, but I like running, it just helps my head to think better and be free. I have a feeling that while you are running - you can solve a lot more cases and a lot better, just a feeling.. I try to run at least couple times a week and do challenges time to time 30 - 60 days straight. I would add Travel to this paragraph as well, just because why not, and seems like running part was a little short :) Traveling..most of it by car, because driving somewhere where you've never been to is fun and while you are driving you're already traveling. One day.... one day Space Travel will be a thing (I hope).


-> I like programming (probably the most thing I like doing), creating, learning, innovating... every day and night. That is the best feeling you can have. Your hands, head and laptop is everything you need, even hands not really (with vioce recognition), but preferably. I do mostly Python, but have a lot of experience with Java, Javascript (mostly Nodejs), a little bit of Go. I think programmers are not strict to some specific languages or technologies.. this is a beaty of being a programmer, you can use one tool and next day learn the other one. And later on the more experience you have the easier it is for you to learn new tools. The logic behind them is very similar, you just need to catch up with syntax and some specifics.

I like how you can automate things and make them do work for you, while you work on some other things. Computers are not really smart (they will be.. trust me, and this is actually very scary), they just fast, super fast, meaning can solve a lot of things in a short period of time. And as I just said, they can automate stuff, meaning they can do repeatable work for as long as you want. Right now, I'm trying to get involved with Machine Learning (ML) and AI. Here is a good github repo with TensorFlow tutorials and best practices. I also bought Tessel, which is a "Tessel 2 is a robust IoT and robotics development platform." that supports... ta-da-da-dam... nodejs huh. The idea was to create some sort of an AI Assistant... maybe one day :)

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Software architectures are structures that support the use cases of the system... Frameworks are tools to be used, not architectures to be conformed to. - Bob Martin

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